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Ludmila Metelska

by igor goldberg

When you look at her images...

Ludmila Metelska

I know Ludmila Metelska

I know this improbable woman. When you look at some of her photos, it becomes at all out of yourselves. Moreover, you start to feel yourself like a fool.

Usual female pink dreams, isn't its?

Through small feeling of envy one sensible thought nevertheless makes the way: You see nothing, and when they're shown to you, shamefully and cowardly you speak: "Well, also what here the especial? Usual female pink dreams..."

Images born by a sunlight

So you sign the capitulation before inevitable intrusion floating in erotic languor illusive leprauseons. Thanx God, you still had a bottle of wine, and a full ashtray of stubs. It is reliable protection against intrusion into your grey life of the transparent images born by a sunlight and Ludmila Metelska.

"Queen of a Sunlight"

Hers works live on "Hieroglyph" in the isolated monastery with all Internet conveniences. Sometimes she receives comments with which you can get acquainted . Many numbers name art hosting as a waste hole. Many leave it for other sites in naive hope to hide from rudeness. I remain in this monastery of rudeness and troubles: there are sometimes new works of "the Queen of a Sunlight" appear.

March of 15, 2010 Posted by Igor Goldberg

Russian Version

We wish to inform you, that this site have the Russian-speaking version. It is not a mirror of a site in English.

Russian site a little less volumetric, so has the analogue constructed on framework, and also a number of additions. It's a blog about the questions of a photo, a blog about construction of photo galleries on the Internet, and also microblogs and microlibraries in social networks.

Latvian Version

Shortly there will be also a Latvian version of a site in the Latvian language to this address.

March 22, 2010 Posted by Ludmila Metelska | Igor Goldberg | Riga - Volgograd


Игорь Гольдберг

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